If you would like to do som tourism in the area before or/and after the event, here are some webpage tips.

Visit Strömsund

Visit Luleå

Visit Haparanda Tornio

Swedish Lapland

Visit Lapland

Visit Gammelstad (old church town) – Gammelstad has the country’s largest and best preserved church town with 405 cottages that holds 553 chambers. The World Heritage site comprises the historically valuable buildings, a total of 520 protected buildings, roads, archaeological ground and the centuries-old practice of staying overnight during weekends in the church cottages.

Visit Hägnan – Open-air museum Hägnan with its old, wooden structures typical of northern Sweden.

Storforsen – Europe’s largest unbound rapids with the truly beautiful, and oddly named The Dead Fall

Hällsingåfallet – Hällingsåfallet is one of Sweden’s highest waterfalls that falls into Sweden’s longest canyon.

Vildmarksvägen – Vildmarksvägen (‘The Wilderness Road’) is one of the highest roads in Sweden and runs through parts Jämtland and Lapland. The scenic route takes you through places such as the lake of Stora Blåsjön and the fantasic Stekenjokk plateau.

Kiruna – to see and to do in the town that is moving

Kiruna – article about the town that is moving

The ice hotel – in Jukkasjärvi, Kiruna

Kebnekaise – Sweden’s highest mountain “close” to Kiruna