Other than Sunset and Sunrise times, all times on this schedule might be adjusted as needed, but this is the plan, so far:

Friday 6 January

13:53 Sunset

17:00 Site opens

17:30 Dinner first served (it will be available into the evening for late arrivals)

18:00 Ask the countess: Unsure about words or phrases we use? Wondering who is who or why they wear what they do? Little scared of being called up at court and have no idea how to behave if that happens? Countess Anna will listen to your questions and give you answers, in Finnish, English, or Swedish, as you need.

19:30 Drachenwald Curia*

20:30 Drachenwald Court

Saturday 7 January

07:30 Breakfast served

09:29 Sunrise

09:30 Drachenwald Court

12:30 A&S display** starts

13:00 Lunch
Peerage Meeting Laurels

Dance (inside, after the muscian(s) have eaten)
13:30 Peerage Meeting Pelicans

13:45-15:15 Combat:

Armoured Fighting (outside)

Fencing (inside)

13:55 Sunset

14:00 Silent Auction starts

15:00 Peerage Meeting Chivalry

15:30 Fika
Peerage Meeting Defence

16:30 Drachenwald Court

18:40 Banquette First course

Dancing in between banquet courses for those who will

20:00 Banquette Second course

Directly after Feast Their Majesties sitting in State

21:15 Fire Show

Sunday 8 January

07:30 Breakfast

09:27 Sunrise

13:58 Sunset; site closes

*Curia is a meeting between the Royals, their officers, and as many of their people as wish to join, to discuss things such as proposed changes to Kingdom Laws. See the Kingdom Newsletter for details on the proposed changes to be discussed this time.

**A&S display is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to display something they have made to do so. This is not a contest, just an opportunity for people to see what other people have been making. You are welcome to also provide a short bit of “documentation” along with your display item, which says what it is, who made it, and any other information you want to share about it, such as where/when such items were used, or how it was made.