The site buildings on our site include:

A: The main building: Rotan
B: The second building: (B & C Salan)
C: The snow cave
D: Folket Hus is not part of our event site, but it is an easily visible landmark to show you that you are nearly here.

Our site

The main building (Rotan) contains:

A. Main hall: feasting, court, dancing, fencing, revelry
B. Side hall: Silent Auction, tables for games, snacks, and social time
C. Serving area: breakfast, lunch, and fika served here, there is a small sink here you can use to wash dishes
D. Main Kitchen; do not enter unless you are ready to help out
E. Gate: check in, and borrow gear here
F: Outer hall: Arts and Science Display, Market Area
G: Nordmark Royal Room
H: Event staff room


The other hall has two floors. Downstairs we have:

A. Drachenwald Royal Suite
B. Early sleepers crash space room
C. Kitchen available for your personal use. Please clean up after yourself

Downstairs: Royal suite, etc.

Upstairs we have:

D. Late to bed crash space room
E. Late to bed crash space room
F. Allergy Kitchen. Do not enter if you are not working here. DO NOT wash dishes or bring food into this room.

Upstairs: B & C Salan