Three of the most important people working on this event make up our “Keeper of Pandemic Updates” Team: Marit Matsdotter, FridR av Uma, and Ursa Margaretsdotter. It is their job to read and stay current with the relevant laws, restrictions, and regulations relating to the pandemic to ensure that we can have a safe and legal event, and to alert us if it becomes necessary to cancel the event.

Lady Marit joined the SCA in 1993 and is the seneschal of the Shire of Aros. Some may also remember her as the Principality Herald of Nordmark in the late 1990’s. Among other things, she enjoys singing, sewing, historical gardening and botany. As her profession involves the application and interpretation of law and other regulations, she hopes to be of service by keeping track of rules and recommendations concerning the pandemic.

Armiger FridR has been a member of the SCA for about a decade and has been arranging dance events, bardic events and workshops etc. They have also won the Norrskensbard title along with two friends. In the SCA FridR is a scribe and one who likes to entertain others as well as being happy to help with a little bit of everything during events or meetings.
In their mundane job they need to be up to date with the pandemic law and regulations and are happy to apply that knowledge to this event in order for it to be as safe as possible.

Ursa has been active in the SCA Shire of Reenegarda since 2020, and she can usually be found in the kitchen at events. Her hobbies include sewing, embroidery and, of course, cooking. She regularly follows the Swedish Public Health Agency announcements and must stay on top of the current information for work. Therefore she thought she could be of use for this team.