Mícheál Breathnach is the archery marshal for Summer Coronation, and is looking forward to the possibility to shoot day and night, without needing torchlight.

Micheál began playing SCA eight years ago on Lough Devanree, in Insulae Draconis, drawn into our society by an interest, but no prior practice, in archery. This was the focus for some time, before branching out into cooking and, much later, armoured combat. Archery remained a very strong interest nourished by the strong interest of the members on Insulae Draconis.

After achieving the rank of master archer, Micheál became an archery marshal. This was right around the time that the shire of Dun in Mara located a site for regular practice, which spurred greater enthusiasm for progress.

This love of archery inspired Mícheál to travel. Having met, and come to know, many archers from across the kingdom at Lough Devanree’s Flaming Arrow event, it was only natural to seek out these people again at events in Nordmark, Aarnimetsä, and Bulgaria .

Mícheál says:

“I became Archery marshal for Insulae Draconis a number of years ago, and recently took on the office of Captain General of archers when Master Jon Knuttson stepped down having completed his tenure in that office. Now I’m working on making the archery and thrown weapons administration more efficient and consistent and looking forward to when the plague will be less limiting, and archers, and artisans, and fighters, and fencers, and cooks, and bards, and dancers, and coronets, and crowns can see each other again in the physical world.”