We have a variety of roles still available to make Coronation the best, and safest, event possible.  For example:

  • We need people to join the cleaning team, under the direction of Lady Petronilla Karlsdotter—not only for the post-event cleaning of the site, but, even more importantly, we need a team to take turns cleaning during the event—regularly disinfecting door knobs and cleaning the loos, or washing up in the kitchen so that the cooks can focus on feeding us.
  • We also welcome contributions of entertainment during the event—talk to Lord Wilhelm Marsson, Norrskensbard if you have a song, story, poem, dance, or other entertainment you would like to share. 
  • Do you have banners or other decorations to make the sight beautiful? Talk to our Decorations coordinator, Lord Kheldor de Greer.
  • If you would prefer to be a team leader, we are still looking to fill the roles of Fencing marshal and someone to coordinate transportation assistance for people who fly or take the train.
  • We welcome any other suggestions you may have, just let us know!