During the Drachenwald’s 12th Night Coronation event we will have both fencing and armored fighting! (See below for details of the combat forms for each.)

The time for both forms of combat will be 13:45-15:15 (though doing pickups and warm-up before then is encouraged). During the scheduled time the King and Queen will have the opportunity to see the skills and splendor that the Kingdom possesses in both forms of combat.

Since the start time is 13:45, you need to ensure that by that time you are fully armoured and have been inspected. You are responsible for bringing your own water to the field as there will be no sharing of water bottles!

Pickups may continue after the appointed time. However, please remember evening court is scheduled for 16:30 and you are responsible for keeping track of the time as well as ensuring that there is still a marshall present while doing pickups.

Armoured Fighting Tournament (outdoors!)
Marshall: Æríkr inn hárfagri

The fighting will be a bear-pit in reverse Order of Precedence (OP). One point for the winner, one extra point if you switch weapon form at least once. The King and Queen will have the ability to give out extra points at their discretion.

If you arrive late for the tournament you will need to make sure that you get inspected and join at the back of the line.

The tournament will run for as long as there is time and energy amongst the fighters.

The fighting will be done outdoors, be mindful of your footing and play nice with each other.

Fencing Tournament (indoors)
Marshalls: Josepine och Stig

The tournament will be a meatgrinder (Bear-pit) with heavy rapiers. The fencers line up in reverse OP.

Each win earns one point. Additional points may also be awarded by the highest ranking Crown present, if they see fit to do so. You can stand a maximum of three wins, after which you step to the back of the queue regardless of the outcome. Doubles both go out; no rewards for dying.

The tournament lasts as long as we can fence nicely and have the energy (or we run out of time).

You may only use weapon forms you are authorized in, Cut & Thrust is allowed if BOTH fencers have approved equipment and are authorized for this.

If time is available after the tournament, a team tournament will be conducted. Where we split into two teams. Each team sends forward one fencer at a time. Winner goes to the back of their queue again, losers step to the side (as do both in case of a double kill). The team with fencers left at the end wins.

Pick up fights after the tournament is allowed. Just remember that other things are taking place inside of the hall and we need to be mindful of their presence and schedules.

If you need to borrow swords we will bring extra rapiers and daggers.